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    The Science of Connecting

    As demands for precise application properties are becoming more and more complex, plastics manufacturers require the flexibility, precision and cost efficiency that only a smart combination of materials can provide. Topfusion® is a strong adhesive developed to connect materials that are not chemically compatible.

    Topfusion® adhesives are made of different grafted polymers, modified with maleic anhydride. Due to their adhesive strength, these grafted polymers can be used as coupling agents, compatibilizers, tie layers and impact modifiers anywhere connections between materials need to be made. These adhesives are commonly used in the production of packaging, multilayer pipes and tubes, HFFR cables, agricultural films, as well as industrial and construction applications, to maximize material properties.

    Tailored Solutions

    Our goal is to provide clients with the most suitable solution to meet their product requirements, while maintaining product integrity. So, if you are managing a multi-material structure to add strength, reduce weight, or improve any other application property, we will work together and create the exact adhesive you need to meet your precise specifications.


    Our market-leading R&D professionals apply in-depth knowledge, vast experience, and a thirst for innovation to the development of unique solutions to complex industry challenges, supporting our clients as they face ever-changing market demands.

    Regulatory Compliance

    We are committed to supplying our customers with products and services of the highest quality, fully suited both to their requirements and to all relevant international standards, including ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, IATF16949 and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.


    Topfusion® for Compounders

    Impact Modifying Materials – Topfusion® improves the properties of the compounds, accelerating manufacturing productivity while maintaining excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties, especially for PA, polyesters, polyolefins compounds.

    Compatibilizers –Topfusion®’s high reactivity and low viscosity create optimal compatibilizers between PP and wood fibers used for products such as outdoor decking, planks, doors, profiles, windows and picture frames.

    Coupling Agents – Topfusion® is a strong chemical adhesion for glass fiber compounds, and an efficient coupling agent in HFFR compounds.

    Topfusion® for Packaging

    As market demands from packaging applications become increasingly complex, with requirements range from durability, through weight, to product look & feel, so too the demand for multilayer packaging solutions increases. Topfusion® serves as an optimal tie layer between naturally incompatible materials, making these high-performance, multilayer structures possible. Applications include cups lids, trays, bottles, and containers, produced using processing methods such as coextrusion sheet processing, thermoforming, and coextrusion blow molding.

    Topfusion® for Construction and Infrastructure

    Topfusion® serves as a tie layer for multilayer pipes, aluminum cladding panels (ACP), FR core binders for ATH & MgH cables, etc.

    Topfusion® for Agriculture

    Topfusion® serves as a tie layer for various co-extruded agricultural films and agrochemical bottles and containers.