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    Making Sustainability Stick

    Sustainability is no longer a choice. It’s an absolute imperative. The world’s natural resources are being depleted; landfills are maxed out. The only way forward is to create a circular economy in which we reduce, reuse and recycle. Where new products are manufactured, we need to use organic, biodegradable raw materials.

    With growing awareness and consumer demand for sustainable solutions, the shift is beginning, and at TopGreen, we are doing what we can to add value to recycled and green products . The sustainable solutions we develop for the plastics industry enable manufacturers to overcome the challenges of using recycled and organic materials in production. Our high-quality, cost-effective adhesives facilitate the bonding of mixed blends of different plastics, or of organic materials and plastics, smoothing the way for sustainable manufacturing.

    Sustainable solutions

    Sustainability begins at home

    Sustainable solutions

    Solutions for Recycling Compounders

    Many challenges arise when using recycled raw materials. These include organic and inorganic impurities in the recycled polymer blend, odors that develop during production, low flowability and mechanical properties and degradation of the material due to broken chains. Our solutions enable greater reuse of recycled materials in the production of high-quality plastic products.


    Used in processing of recycled materials, our compatibilizer offers higher flow, higher impact strength and compatibilization of impurities in the recycled blend.


    A recycling additive, our boosters help with processing and producing recycled Polyethylene and Polypropylene, offering higher impact strength and compatibilization of impurities in the recycled blend.

    Odor Modifier

    Capable of absorbing a wide spectrum of odors, our odor modifier helps neutralize odors that develop during the recycling process and adds more desirable smells.

    Chain Extenders

    Re-linking polymer chains that are broken after degradation, our chain extender helps enhance polymer properties.

    Solutions for Organic Compounders

    Innovations in the manufacturing of sustainable plastic goods includes the use of high percentages of organic and renewable materials. With the correct treatment, the final product has similar properties to virgin material, with the added advantages of compostability, low weight, and a more natural look and feel. At TopGreen, we have used our technological capabilities to develop a range of compatibilizers that support these compounds, each one modified according to the specific properties of the relevant organic fiber.

    • Organic fiber filled Polypropylene
    • Organic fiber filled high density Polyethylene
    • Coconut fiber filled compounds
    • Rice husk filled Polypropylene

    Sustainability begins at home

    Many businesses talk about sustainability. At TopGreen we are literally built for it! From the outset, our plant was designed to minimize any negative environmental impact. We do this in the following ways:

    Zero Waste

    Working as a dry plant, we do not discharge liquids or pollutants into the sewerage system.

    Zero Emissions

    Built-in suction and filters ensure that we emit no pollutants into the environment.

    Energy Management

    We use technologies for smart, economical management of energy and resources, including computerized controllers that manage loads over time and advanced equipment that consumes less electricity.


    All packaging coming into the plant is recycled – nothing is sent to landfill.